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Senior JavaScript Developer Trainer


Ever since Kinsta’s establishment, we have been focused on quality code. Not having investors and working on our own product has allowed us to use the latest technologies, and continuously refactor our code to make it better. One of the most effective tools in our arsenal is onboarding and continuous training which we would now like to take to a new level.

You will be tasked with expanding our existing training materials and applying them in the following areas:

  • The onboarding and initial training of new team members to give them the necessary skills and domain knowledge.
  • The efficient training of our code school pipeline where our goal is to find driven students and give them the tools they need to become great developers at Kinsta.
  • The continuous training of all members of our existing team to help them grow in key areas.
  • We strongly believe in ownership and pairing it with the power and freedom to practice that ownership fully. Instilling this philosophy is a large part of our training efforts.

Additional tasks that we see as part of a continuous training process:

  • Participation in the review process across all projects.
  • Tracking developer progression identifying bottlenecks and organizing training around them.


At the moment we are looking for applicants who live and work in the USA or Canada and speak English as a first language.

Our Stack

We make a conscientious effort to use the latest and most powerful technologies and to keep them running on the latest stable version available.

The most notable items on the list are: React, Node, GraphQL, SQL, NoSQL, Express, Webpack, Babel, TypeScript, Jest, Storybook, Git, Heroku, Docker, Stripe.


  • Minimum 5 years of working experience with Javascript including backend and frontend.
  • Minimum 2 years of Javascript developer training and mentoring experience.
  • High level knowledge of and experience with JS, latest ES methodologies and concepts, React, Node, Github, development patterns and testing patterns.
  • High level knowledge of Typescript, Git, deployment and CI tools.
  • Experience with GraphQL, Express, Webpack, Babel, Docker.
  • Familiarity with hosting concepts.

Bonus Points

The following items are not requirements but would provide a shallower learning curve in this position:

  • Experience with web hosting, server infrastructure or server management.
  • Experience with payment processing (Stripe), customer support tools (Intercom).
  • Experience working in multilingual teams.


  • A dynamically growing international company where what you do has a direct and immediate impact.
  • We have an amazing design (UI and UX) team so development receives fully researched and designed tasks.This is a fully remote role. The JavaScript Developer Trainer can work from anywhere with reliable broadband internet access.
  • Our positions offer a great deal of flexibility, responsibility, and opportunity for growth for the right candidate.

If you want to learn more about Kinsta and what it's like to work for our team, head to our website,, and look for the About Us link in the footer.

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