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Senior Front-end Engineer


Note: If you're not located in Latin America, do not continue. Your application won't even be reviewed.

We value well-tested, reusable code and expect our engineers to be as good a practitioners as they are leaders and teachers. 

About This Role

Very is a remote-first company, meaning we don’t have a physical office, and you can work from anywhere in Latin America. Your home,  a co-working space, on the road, you name it. If you feel like moving, you don’t have to change jobs.

As a Senior Front-end Engineer, you will be working across multiple technologies. This requires an interest in UX, Design Thinking, GraphQL, Vanilla Javascript, Javascript frameworks like React and everything in between...

Engineers who apply for this job should be excellent practitioners of JavaScript, and they should be proficient in ReactJS or willing to learn it well and learn it fast.

During your tenure at Very, you could be exposed to some, if not all of the following technologies:

- JavaScript, Typescript, React
- Mobile: iOS, Android, React Native
- AWS: AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework

What You’ll Be Working On

Very is a fully-distributed specialized consulting firm, partnering with our clients to build systems for smart manufacturing, smart energy & utilities, consumer electronics, and connected wellness. Learn more at

Currently, we have a long-running client with needs matching this specific job description, and you will be hired into this project. You’ll spend the majority of your time working on this project, and the remainder of your time can be spent improving Very. These internal contributions often include working on open source projects, building internal products, improving your craft, educating others, and more.
Upon completion of this project, you will move on to other client projects for Very.

At Very, there is a never-ending supply of variety to the types of projects we work on. In the last year, we’ve built solutions that touch e-commerce, trust management (finance), beer distribution, point of sale systems, ICO’s, identifying fake news, and much more.

Application Requirements

1. At least 6 years of experience developing the front-end of software applications and extensively using Vanilla Javascript, a Javascript framework or library (React, Vue or Ember), CSS, CSS3 and HTLM5.
2. At least an upper intermediate level in English. A B2 of better in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Note: Don't get discouraged if you don't have this level officially. What we really care about is that you feel comfortable communicating complex ideas and building rapport with English-speaking clients.

Application Nice-to-haves

1. At least 1 year of experience with React (preferably) or React Native. If you haven't used React but are willing to learn it fast and well, do apply.
2. At least 2 years of experience in client services. Applicants should feel comfortable interacting with English-speaking clients daily.

How You’ll Be Compensated

We believe in a transparent, fair compensation structure and have developed our own open salary formula for Latin America-based employees.

Base Compensation
Depending on your skill and experience, you can expect to make somewhere between $4,000 and $5,250 USD per month upon joining the company.  
There are higher salaries and growth opportunities for proven leaders.

Additional Benefits
- Annual Bonus: up to 7% in first year
- 22 days of paid time off your first year (more the following years)
- You get a MacBook Pro & $1,000 to build out your home office. ($200 annually thereafter)
- $2,000 annual stipend for education & conferences (after 1 yr of employment)
- $125 monthly that you can spend in health & wellness, phone or internet bills, or co-working space.
- 4-day paid trip to the US for the annual global company retreat.
- 3-day paid trip to somewhere in Latam every year for the Latam company retreat.

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