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Senior React Native Engineer

Fuel Better Limited


Fuelbetter is startup with a mission to help all people live longer, healthier, happier lives by making it easier for them make "nutritionally on target" food & drink choices every meal.

To this end, our new mobile app is structured as a foodtracking app, like MyFitnessPal (MFP), WeightWatchers, Noom, LoseIt, LifeSum, etc. But Fuelbetter adds two new powerful features which enable us to address previously untapped market potential. First, Fuelbetter tracks not only calories — it also over 200 different macronutrient fractions, vitamins, minerals, most key phytonutrients, climate impact (co2 per 100g), and additives. Second, our proprietary "recommendation engine" tells you exactly what to eat/drink to correct any dietary gap or excess. Don't like the recommendation? Just swipe left and get another recommendation that's also nutritionally on-target. Once you find what you like, the app populates your food diary for you. All the benefits for a food tracking app -- but without the work of actually tracking.

To achieve this, we first had to develop algorithms which accurately estimate the weight of each ingredient in the universe of packaged foods, effectively reverse-engineering every packaged food out there — which we did. And then we had to find a partner who had the largest, most accurate database of packaged foods in the world — which we did. So now, we have a proprietary database — the world's first — with an accurate, detailed nutrient profile of every food.

Join us, and you'll be taking poll-position to bring this revolutionary technology to market.


You'll be one of the first full-time employees of our start-up — with all the challenges and excitement, all the risk and potential reward, and all the ambiguity and increased responsibility that being in a start-up entails. You'll be pressing the pause button on most everything else in your life over the coming months, working long hours and giving 100% of your time, heart, mind, and soul to help bring our revolutionary technology to market — and working alongside others doing the same.

Over the first 4-8 weeks, your be plunged into the deep-end, obsessivly focused on improving our existing alpha-release, launching it into Beta, and turning that Beta into our first production release. (Cue fireworks and fanfare!) You'll then plan and oversee the staged release of further features into production, building and maintaining a rock-solid, hyper-responsive, highly-scalable app.

As the senior frontend developer for our React Native mobile app, you'll be taking the lead on architecting and implementing anything and everything required on the frontend to achieve a truly world-class user experience for our app users, including:

  • Ensuring front-end code is clean and optimized, creating highly responsive, bug-free, and lightning fast
  • Exercising your obsessive attention to visual detail to ensure the app's look and feel is "pixel perfect"
  • Planning & executing integrations with 3rd party fitness apps, including Fitbit, Strava, Garmin, Apple Health, and others
  • Coordinating changes / additions to the front-end code as required to support the dual launch on the AppStore (iOS) and PlayStore (Android)
  • Planning & executing the staged release of additional features, working collaboratively with the backend
  • Project-managing yourself (the sole front-end developer initially) and the sole backend developer to deliver a world-class app within our urgent time frames


Technically speaking, you must have:

  • Expert-level experience in React Native, Redux, Typescript, Flow, React Native animation libraries, etc
  • Proven track record of coding productively and efficiently in a React Native context
  • Extensive experience building beautiful, highly performant animated graphs in a React Native context (which may be using React Native animation libraries, or taking the graphs down to the native level, or some other solution)
  • Proven track record of achieving “pixel perfect” and highly performant results in React Native with minimal iteration
  • Extensive experience architecting front-end solutions, setting up automated testing and scripting tests, setting automated CI/CD
  • Experience in team/project leadership/management – i.e., breaking down features into trackable tasks and accurate effort estimates, managing other developers, and coordinating the delivery of high quality apps within urgent time-frames
  • Published apps in both App Store and Play Store for that we can review, where you played the central role in developing/delivering the final published app.
  • Working knowledge of Swift and Kotlin

Non-technically speaking, you should also have:

  • Strong interest in nutrition, health; has experience using existing competitor apps like MyFitnessPal, LifeSum, Noom, or WeightWatchers
  • Strong interest in joining a high-intensity start-up and getting an equity stake
  • Aptitude / interest to move up into higher-level technical leadership role over time
  • Background or experience in UI/UX design
  • Ability to live/work in London, UK without sponsorship


  • Base salary of up to £80,000 per annum
  • First year bonus of up to 20% of base salary
  • Statutory benefits
  • Equity stake (via share options vesting over 4 year period)

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