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Frontend Engineer


SALT offers crypto-backed loans and a suite of technology solutions for individuals and businesses including wallet management and monitoring. We provide the technology, infrastructure, and tools that make it easy for crypto holders, blockchain businesses, and traditional institutions to participate in the blockchain economy and get the most out of their crypto assets.


  • Domain knowledge and experience working with React and Redux
  • Development experience using an agile methodology such as kanban, lean, scrum, xp
  • Well-versed in Typescript and Javascript fundamentals
  • Experience with Git and code collaboration in teams
  • Experience integrating with REST APIs and backend services
  • Knowledge of semantic HTML and styling with CSS (Sass)
  • Ability to write unit tests (Jest, React Testing Library)
  • Willingness to learn about SALT’s stack and contribute to backend services
  • Ability to write unit tests (Jest, React Testing Library)
  • Ability to communicate effectively in a fast-paced environment
  • Enthusiasm to pair with devs and QA to build features, diagnose and quickly resolve bugs


  • Server side knowledge and experience adding to backend Node services
  • Experience with Type systems like Flow or Typescript
  • UX / UI design experience
  • Open source software contributor
  • Basic understanding of Bitcoin and Ethereum: general concepts, scripting, smart contracts
  • Basic understanding of cryptographic primitives like hashing, macs, PK-crypt


Job type: Full-time. Preference to developers in the Greater Denver area, but open to remote in the United States.

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