Senior Front End Developer

Lara Health

Full Time
London, United Kingdom   
Posted 18d ago

The role:

We require a software engineer to support all front end development and help build a strong team to deliver projects effectively, while fostering a culture of collaboration and learning within the team. You will work closely with the Founder and the Tech Lead to develop clean, responsive and intuitive user experiences. The existing team is small so this is your opportunity to prove yourself and create an exciting role within an experienced team of entrepreneurs.

Required skills:

· Typescript or Javascript
· React
· Data visualization
· Responsive design
· Strong UX / UI understanding
· Custom React components
· Git
· Babel
· Agile development

Desirable skills:

· Material UI
· D3
· Animation / Motion
· Amplify
· Practical AWS
· Feature toggling
· Sentry
· Microservices
· iOS
· Android

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