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Mid Frontend Engineer



UBIO has built the Automation Cloud, a platform which can robotically perform any online task such as reserving a hotel for your trip to New York, booking a flight to get there and applying for a credit card to pay for it all.

We are looking for an optimistic, versatile and resilient engineer who has developed highly user friendly frontend apps in Javascript or Typescript. You would have been involved with building apps which consume APIs and work on a number of different devices and browsers. We are a small Engineering team, relying on tools like GitHub and Slack to keep us communicating efficiently. We also rely on architectural principles and guidelines to ensure our colleagues can pick up our work in the future, if necessary.

You will work on the following:

  • Robot School - our automation e-learning platform
  • Backoffice - our frontend for UBIO admins and area partners
  • Dashboard - where automation stats are displayed
  • SDK - the product integrated into our partners’ apps
  • Our company website


  • Exceptional Javascript skills (3+ years)
  • Demonstrable knowledge of programming best practices
  • Superb command of the English language
  • Good exposure to modern front-end frameworks: e.g. Vue.js, React
  • Good command of application modularisation and build tools

It would also be great if you have:

  • Worked in a KanBan setting
  • Knowledge of documentation best practices
  • Exposure to GraphQL


This is what you will be doing:

  • Prototyping from Design
    From annotated designs, you will develop a prototype in code. You may need to develop a few prototypes before we can move on to implementation, should iterations be required.
  • Implementing from prototype
    Once prototypes are out of the way, you’ll expand on your initial prototypes to get your code ready for deployment.
  • Maintaining existing apps
    Our frontend apps are in production at the moment, so you will naturally help us evolve them and correct anomalies as they appear.
  • Rubbing virtual shoulders with Product
    Engineering works very close to our Product function. You will frequently liaise with a product manager to ensure business requirements are current and to realign on delivery expectations.
  • Communicating your needs clearly and responsibly
    With the support of your Lead Engineer, you will be able to state clearly what is needed to deliver features in a timely fashion. You will do that with a good level of written and spoken English.
  • Positively adding to our culture
    You have a positive outlook in life and you can also have fun away from technology.
    You are able to focus on how to overcome obstacles, rather than being overly impeded by limitations and dependencies.


Paid annual leave

Flexible working

A powerful laptop

Health Insurance (if based in the UK)

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