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Senior Frontend Engineer


Our growing team is seeking a hands-on Senior Frontend or Full-stack Engineer, with strong opinions loosely held on front-end development and React in particular. If that’s you, we want you to come join us - virtually for now, and open to actual remote placements - while we develop the future of work.

We are a small, highly effective team, and you can have a big influence on our codebase and the product at large. We’re looking for smart, experienced, and startup-minded candidates who are excited to roll up their sleeves, debate programming esoterica, produce beautiful, well-commented commits after incorporating review feedback, write a few tests along the way, and generally live the dream with us.

Nana operates a home appliance repair marketplace, connecting technicians with the right skills to consumers, property management companies and home warranty providers with repair needs. Along the way we are building a learning management system to help upskill existing technicians and bring new workers into the trade. We're on a mission to create 100,000 jobs for people whose future employment opportunities may currently be threatened by rising automation. Our existing React properties consist of a consumer-facing site, a technician-facing site, and an internal-facing admin portal, along with React Native mobile apps for consumers and technicians.

Preferences / Requirements:

  • 6+ years in JS. 10+ years and ES6+ experience desired
  • Professional experience in React
  • A passion for building beautiful, efficient, user-friendly products
  • A keen eye for web aesthetics
  • BS+ in Computer Science. If not, at least know what kind of stuff you missed out on.

What we are offering:

  • Really great coworkers. Folks to teach and folks to learn from.
  • A meaningful mission that centers around up-skilling people and helping them find work.
  • Competitive compensation, including Seed-series equity in a company with significant upside opportunities.
  • Medical/Dental Benefits
  • A sick view from the Tribune Tower

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