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Why Lingumi

Our mission is to help children (2-6) all around the world learn critical skills, affordably and effectively, from the world's best teachers. We teach more effectively than a live teacher, for a fraction of the price, making education scalable, effective, and accessible through asynchronous learning and communication. We've started with speaking English, and have already built the most effective, affordable and fun way to do so - all through a connected mobile or tablet.

Our people are a smart bunch, brought together by our mission, and work extremely hard to deliver on what is required. We can clearly see how our role plays a key part in the company's success and are super hungry to grow in our careers. We aim to consistently achieve great results, but if we don't, that's ok - we learn from our mistakes and progress forward. We're humble in our approach and are team players. Collectively, we speak over eight languages in the team and are spread across four hubs - London, Cardiff, Singapore and Shenzhen.

Our customers love what we do and advocate our mission. We really care about their child's development, providing them with the critical skills that they need to succeed in life. Parents praise us and children love us - with some families using Lingumi for over three years. Together, we're only at the beginning of what we can achieve.

Our technology allows us to create innovative ways to teach the Lingumi children in new ways - we're working on ground-breaking technology that will revolutionise how they learn. Children can connect to their friends and other children from around the world, to learn together, and take us one step closer to connecting this world and making it a better place.

Our investors and advisors range from Europe's best VC's, including Local Globe and ADV, to advisors such as Michael O'Sullivan, former CEO of Cambridge Assessment and the British Council in China.

How we get there

We get there through our most prized asset - our team. We're a small group of hungry and highly motivated individuals, dedicated to impacting and inspiring the next generation of learners. Collectively we speak over 6 languages and are spread across Europe and Asia, with backgrounds from software engineering, to award-winning children's design, to teaching.

We are now building out our Engineering team, and are looking for a talented, creative, and ambitious Senior Mobile Engineer to join us. This role is suited for someone who sees themselves as a future leader - looking to grow as an Engineering lead in Mobile and shape the way we use Mobile at Lingumi. 

Here's what you'll be doing

  • Architecting and creating new tools and content that empower children to learn more effectively at scale, working on the strategy with our VP Engineering
  • Concepting and delivering our content and tools across Lingumi's learning platform in a cross functional team running Scrum with weekly sprints
  • Working with our design team to run rapid experiments, to test what our users love before building the full feature
  • Levelling up our automated testing tools so we can be confident we are frequently shipping a high quality experience to our customers
  • Raising each other's standards and spread knowledge throughout the team with frequent code reviews
  • Proactively fixing bugs and make improvements to delight our most amazing and toughest users - the kids!
  • Building high-leverage internal tools and processes that will enable us to become a highly effective team

Here's what you must be/have

  • Highly accountable and keen to take ownership - with proven leadership skills
  • Consistently growing and focused on self improvement - while also raising the standards of those around you
  • Deep understanding of core Computer Science concepts (e.g. algorithms, data structures)
  • Strong production level React Native skills with exposure to iOS and Android native development
  • Excited about the future of Mobile technology and how Lingumi can use it in innovative ways to connect and teach critical skills to the worlds best learners
  • An excellent coder who is willing to work with whatever technologies help us achieve our mission
  • Have strong analytical skills, be an excellent communicator, and be able to think critically
  • 5+ years professional engineering experience

Here's what we build in

  • Our mobile app is written in React Native, which also makes use of Unity components and native iOS/Android components
  • Our backend services run on AWS and AWS China using Node.JS on Lambda, Api Gateway, DynamoDB and S3 with Cloudfront. We will also be exploring how we can use Alicloud to support our expansion in China
  • We use Github to host our code and we use CircleCI for automated testing and builds

The benefits of working for Lingumi

  • Generous salary and equity packages
  • Company laptop (if you need one)
  • 20 days of paid holiday, plus the week of Chinese New Year (for CN/SG team members) or the Christmas to New Year break, as paid leave
  • Coaching on request depending on your needs - whether you need someone to talk to on a regular basis outside of work, or specifically on developing your leadership skills. We have an extensive network and will put you in touch with the right coach for your needs
  • We ask you to be in your Hub for the majority of the working week. You can spend some of the week working from the comfort of your home, or even in your favourite coffee shops. If you do decide to work outside of your hub, be sure to book this on internal system. Outside of core meetings, you can organise your time how you want - some team members use less productive afternoon hours for personal wellness things like going to the gym or getting a haircut
  • We offer a Productivity and Wellness budget (£100pm) to use on growth and wellness
  • We take the team on an annual retreat for 1 week (usually somewhere warm)

Salary Range: SGD 100,000 - SGD 130,000/annual with equity 0.2-0.4%, depending on interview feedback, experience, and your role.

Office Location: Singapore

Every child deserves an equal chance in life. If you share our vision of building, inspiring and empowering the world's next generation of learners, apply to join our team today.

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