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Front-End Developer


As either an Associate Front-End Developer, Front-End Developer, or Senior Front-End Developer, you’ll develop the technical and business foundation to turn your passion for technology into real-world advancements for Red Ventures's partners and proprietary brands. You’ll learn how to architect and implement web applications using cutting edge technology solutions. You’ll drive the end-to-end experiences, from the front-end layouts to the backend systems running in the cloud. Strong candidates for Forward787, powered by Red Ventures, will have robust technical training and  either experience or demonstrated a passion for technology, an astounding work ethic, and a commitment to revitalizing Puerto Rico’s economy. 

Levels we’re looking for:

  • Associate Front-End Developer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Senior Front-End Developer 

What You'll Do:

  • Iterate - We believe that "Speed Trumps Perfection" so we test and deploy on a daily basis.
  • Own – Aspiring entrepreneurs succeed here because you’ll have full ownership and autonomy over your work from beginning to end. 
  • Collaborate – Better than making the dream work, teamwork makes the code work. Through open work-space, Slack, and peer reviews, our teams work together to build amazing solutions.
  • Innovate – With the belief that “Everything is Written in Pencil,” we encourage our teams to test new frameworks, learn new languages, and challenge the “status quo” to challenge what is possible.

What We're Looking For:

  • Foundation: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (vanilla or jQuery at a minimum)
  • Experience with Javascript and concepts such as asynchronous programming and modular concept
  • Semantic markup using HTML5
  • Pre-processors such as LESS, SASS, etc.
  • Experience with frameworks such as React.js/Redux and/or Vue.js
  • Build systems – Gulp, Webpack, Grunt, NPM, Bower
  • Ability to develop fully responsive sites with cross browser compatibility
  • Value clean, structured, reusable, and scalable code
  • Advanced debugging and troubleshooting skills
  • Experience consuming Web API’s
  • Capability to architect a performant, scalable, and reliable technical solution to meet business needs and technical constraints
  • Ability to develop Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), Electron apps, React Native apps, or mobile native apps
  • Ability to architect and develop build scripts with tools such as Gulp and Webpack
  • A sense of humor and thirst for knowledge
  • Self-motivated and creative problem-solvers who love to challenge themselves

For approximately 18 to 24 months, you’ll be at Red Ventures's world-class Charlotte, NC headquarters. Red Ventures is a multi-billion-dollar tech company founded by Puerto Rican CEO Ric Elias. Participants will report to experts at Red Ventures and will be part of a cohort of professionals who will work full time while taking advantage of rich training and development experiences, including support from current Forward787 employees. Upon completing your time at Red Ventures, you’ll take those skills back to a Forward787 business in Puerto Rico. Compensation will be competitive based on the Charlotte market, including a generous benefits package.

Whether you’re an aspiring technology professional or a seasoned engineer with deep skills in one or more technical areas, Forward787 will activate your engineering management and tech guru development journey.

About Forward787

Forward787, powered by Red Ventures, is committed to boosting Puerto Rico's economy by employing top talent and developing cutting-edge technology-based companies in the Island. Our plan is to catalyze Puerto Rico's economic revitalization through investments in human capital, and technology. Our movement seeks people who want to explore, experience, and excel professionally for an ambitious cause.

About Red Ventures

Red Ventures is a multi-billion-dollar U.S. marketing and technology company, founded by Puerto Rican CEO, Ric Elias.  We own top brands like and The Points Guy and our businesses span a variety of industries including telecom, financial services, healthcare and energy.  We marry the speed of a start-up, the DNA of a digital agency, the strategic thinking of a consultancy and the analytical skills of a big data company.  Red Ventures is headquartered in the Charlotte, NC metro area and has more than 3,500 employees in offices across the US as well as in Brazil and London.


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