Frontend and QA Engineer


Full Time
Nairobi, Kenya   
Posted 29d ago

Acumen Academy is looking for a frontend developer with 3 - 5 years of experience in Nairobi or Lagos with a strong grasp of React and CSS and an understanding of unit and integration testing. This is a six-month contract with potential for renewal. 

About Acumen
Acumen is changing the way the world tackles poverty by investing in companies, leaders, and ideas. We invest patient capital in businesses whose products and services help people living in poverty to transform their lives. To date, Acumen has positively impacted 270 million lives by investing $120M in 119 innovative, early-stage companies in Africa, Latin America, South Asia, and the United States. But investment isn’t just about capital, we’ve been investing in relationships for years, connecting with emerging leaders in their own countries and engaging them in extended collective dialogue, moral inquiry, and skill-building. 

About Acumen Academy
Acumen Academy is the world’s school for social change. We offer off and online courses in how to make social change happen. We aim to unleash a new generation of social innovators and leaders with the determination and grit to build a more just, inclusive and sustainable world. We offer anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world, access to the practical tools, practices, resources and supportive community they need to achieve positive social change. With 700 Fellows and 500,000 course takers in 193 countries, the Acumen Academy community represents a new generation of social innovators and leaders committed to doing what’s right in a world that loves easy.

Where You Come In
Acumen Academy is looking for an experienced React developer with an honest passion for CSS, cross-browser compatibility, and smart unit, integration, and E2E testing. You understand and enjoy React but you’re the one people turn to when looking to understand the edges of CSS. You like being the QA person because you care about the details, writing smart tests where they matter, and understand—or like finding out—why the unexpected is happening in Safari and Edge. 

Accountabilities include: 

  • Build robust frontend features and components in React and Gatsby 
  • Build new pages and templates 
  • Dive into our React app and clean-up any expensive, WET, or poorly architected CSS implementations
  • Work with styled-components and CSS-in-JS ( We’re using Emotion.js in Gatsby )
  • Lead unit, integration, and E2E tests, striving for 75% - 85% code converge 
  • Lead the team’s progressive web app strategy while stiving to improve Lighthouse scores with a root goal of increasing performance and usability for audiences with high latency and unstable internet connections
  • Find and fix accessibility and cross-browser compatibility issues


  • Expert knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  • Excellence in the details
  • You understand React
  • Strong knowledge of writing unit, integration, and end to end tests
  • Strong knowledge of the major cross-browser compatibility issues and how to solve them
  • Strong grasp of Progressive Web Apps and know how to make adjustments to meet Lighthouse standards
  • Technical autodidact who wants to be that frontend expert everyone turns to You have a working grasp of GraphQL and RESTful APIs


  • 3-5 years of enterprise-level web app development experience
  • 2 or more years of experience building React Apps
  • Have professional knowledge of one or more testing frameworks 
  • Understand the nuances of testing React Apps
  • Expert knowledge of Javascript, HTML, and CSS
  • Detailed understanding of Progressive Web Apps and Google Lighthouse (or similar standard)
  • Self reflective and aligned with Acumen values
  • Permanently authorized to work in Nairobi
  • Desire to work with a globally distributed team with remote options
  • Bonus: working to strong understanding of Gatsby
  • Bonus: Working knowledge of react native for mobile application development
  • Bonus: working to strong understanding of CSS-in-JS, particularly Emotion
  • Bonus:  working to strong grasp of GraphQL and RESTful APIs

Nairobi or Lagos

The deadline to apply for this position is May 4, 2020, but candidates are encouraged to apply early, as applications will be reviewed an interviews scheduled on a rolling basis

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