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Senior Frontend Developer


Nuvocargo is reinventing the $2 trillion freight forwarding industry. We are a digital-first freight forwarder using a mix of technology and exceptional service to help companies seamlessly move products across the Americas, starting with the biggest trade lane in the world: Mexico <-> USA.

International logistics is the multi-trillion dollar connective tissue of the world economy, but it's been slow to leverage the power of technology; it's finally going digital, and Nuvocargo is playing a big role in driving this historic shift.

We're growing quickly, and are backed by some of the world's best investors from both Silicon Valley and Latin America such as NFX (Silicon Valley fund with $10bn in exits), ALLVP (Leading Mexico & LatAm fund), Y Combinator (~1% acceptance rate, created $150bn worth of startups), and angels who have built, exited, or currently sit on the board of companies worth over $30 billion.

Our DNA is comprised of four very distinct worlds and cultures: Silicon Valley, Logistics, Latin America, and USA. If you are excited about being at the intersection of these worlds and modernizing an industry that accounts for 12%+ of global GDP, read on...

The opportunity for you:
As a senior frontend developer, you will be on the front lines iterating on our customer application, carrier application and internal tooling and dashboards.

We make heavy use of modern Jamstack technologies including React (including Context and Hooks), Next.js, all continuously deployed on Netlify. Our design and styling processes include and React Styleguidist.

You will work closely with the CTO, engineering team, designers and product managers.

We have a strong culture of building quickly and iteratively, deploying to features and releases to staging (or production!) multiple times a day.

The products you build will be used by hundreds of Nuvocargo's customers, carriers and users across Nuvocargo's internal teams.

Who are you?

    • You have been building beautiful, useable front ends for years. You know the quirks of JavaScript, HTML and CSS better than you know the back of your hand. You can patiently explain the difference between prototypal and classical inheritance to interns and juniors. You take pride in the fact that you can apply your years of experience to bringing gorgeous and accessible user interfaces to life.
    • You are a software craftsperson who believes in the journey to mastery. You believe in creating well crafted software, steadily adding value to stakeholders (as well as the engineering team and your future self) and collaborating with others with an open mind and flexible opinions. You believe that the journey of mastering the craft of software never ends, but you love being along for the ride.
    • You thrive in a low-friction, light-process environment. We are not a meeting-heavy org. You are self-motivated to write great software, release great products, pair with team members all without spending hours deliberating whether something is "3 points" or "5 points".
    • You are intellectually curious. You are probably a polyglot when it comes to programming languages (and natural languages), even if you don't have mastery over those other languages. You are always curious to dabble in a new library or framework or language and you analyze their high level pros and cons without even realizing it.
    • You strike a balance between speed and perfection. In your personal projects, you strive for perfectly factored code, but in business, you know when to accrue technical debt in order to get a feature live. You strive for simple, readable code and you are averse to over-engineering the task at hand (YAGNI!).
    • You are both a great communicator and listener. You are great at synthesizing inputs from different sources; you speak and write clearly, concisely, and with a structure that gets everyone on the same page when things feel messy.
    • You are low ego. Collaboration is your best method. You don’t care or remember who came up with the best idea. Engineers, designers, and execs all love working with you because you make them all feel heard and you’re able to find a middle ground in dissenting opinions. 
    • You have a track record of shipping web and/or mobile apps that users love.
    • You have at least 5 years experience building production front end applications preferably at a venture-backed startup.
    • You are open to relocating to NYC or Mexico City. If you already live in one of those two cities, great! This is not a remote role.

What we offer

    • A unique & fun culture at the intersection of Latin America and Silicon Valley
    • Competitive salary and stock options
    • The opportunity to shape the technological foundations of a venture backed company
    • A chance to join the ground floor of a well funded, fast-growing startup that is modernizing an industry critical to the global economy.
Read more about us here: and feel free to reach out with any questions to our Founder/CEO directly:

We look forward to working with you!

Un abrazo,

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