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Principal Architect

Bluescape Software

In this role, you will provide architectural direction, industry best practices, mentoring and software development to the team as they evolve in utilizing React and TypeScript to develop new products. You will be involved from conception to completion to develop solutions that are technologically sound and UX workflows that are intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.



  • Track record of developing and shipping production ready front end client software using React
  • Track record of creating maintainable, extensible, well tested and crafted code
  • Strongly motivated to enhance existing products and help design and build new products in a collaborative startup environment
  • Team-oriented with focus on strong interpersonal, communication and problem solving skills
  • Ability to mentor team members and enforce best practices
  • In depth knowledge of TypeScript and/or JavaScript language and programming idioms ES6+
  • 3+ years’ experience in architecting modern React applications for the web
  • 5+ years’ experience with other UI web frameworks (React, AngularJS, etc.)
  • Intermediate to advanced understanding of HTML5, CSS, DOM and event handling
  • Experience of integrating REST-API’s for in app functionality
  • Experience with researching and integration of best third party npm packages into an existing code base
  • Experience with one or more automated testing frameworks, such as Jest, Cypress, Mocha, Chai, Instanbul
  • Experience with developer testing using unit, integration and/or end to end testing frameworks
  • Understanding of application state management libraries like Redux, Redux-thunk or Redux Saga
  • Good debugging skills and problem solving
  • Knowledge of Source code repository including Git, Bitbucket, Mercurial or anything similar
  • Experience with CI/CD, Jenkins, github actions or other development platforms


  • Experience with developer focused testing using TDD methodologies
  • Experience collaborating closely with a UX design team during product development



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