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Front End Engineer

Apex Clearing

Apex Clearing is a leader in the financial technology industry. This is an incredible opportunity for a Front End Developer who wants to work closely with software development and business teams to build software user interfaces for a variety of financial back office solutions. This work will involve the definition, creation, and utilization of reusable components that can used internally or white-labeled for external use. We are looking for experienced, passionate, pragmatic, and collaborative individuals that want to make a significant impact on how Apex Clearing builds and designs software solutions. You will encounter challenges on a daily basis that require creativity, assertiveness, and domain experience to solve. You will be an expert in your field, and be responsible for working closely with various team members of in creative, management, and technical roles.


As a Front End Developer, you will be responsible for building and implementing the user interface, interactions, and back end integrations necessary to deliver a variety of financial and business-focused web applications. The quality and performance of these interfaces makes your role crucial for the success of our business. You should have a good eye for detail and a desire for clarity, as well as a good understanding of front end behaviors and heuristics. You will be responsible for translating visual and written requirements into pixel-perfect, responsive, and stateful user interfaces.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Use a variety of programming languages in order to create user-friendly web pages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Use a variety of JavaScript (ES6) and UI frameworks such as React, Angular, jQuery, Semantic, Bootstrap, and node.
  • Implement visual designs and requirements from designers and product managers accurately and consistently
  • Connect front end interfaces to back end APIs and databases
  • Work in multidisciplinary team with other professionals such as quality assurance, technical writers, product managers, and UX designers
  • Build high-quality prototypes to demonstrate new features or enhancements
  • Contribute code to core front end and UI library, help create and deploy reusable components
  • Participate in code reviews and learn best practices from senior developers
  • Provide high level of quality when implementing layouts and visual elements
  • Perform testing and work closely with Quality Engineering team on deployment and UAT
  • Optimize our web applications for performance and response
  • Implement mobile-based features using responsive and adaptive design techniques
  • Maintain consistency with brand guidelines 
  • Test your applications and perform code reviews
  • Gather and incorporate feedback from end-users and customers
  • Make suggestions for better solutions to problems
  • Keep abreast of latest and emerging technologies

Requirements and Qualifications

  • 2 or more years of experience as a Front-end Developer using the latest versions of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Some experience working with APIs and backend systems
  • Some experience with markdown and JSON
  • 1-2 years of experience with UI frameworks like Bootstrap or Semantic
  • Familiarity with React/Redux, Angular, node, and other package-based reusable libraries / frameworks
  • Familiarity with DOM manipulation and stateful interfaces
  • Familiarity with CSS pre-processors
  • Experience with documenting and deploying code, working with source repositories
  • Excellent knowledge of browser troubleshooting and debugging practices and techniques
  • Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on company’s success
  • Critical thinker and problem-solving skills
  • Confidence with existing technology, with a desire to stay current while planning for longevity
  • Good time-management skills and accountability
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills
  • BA in Computer Science or equivalent, demonstrable experience

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