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Full TimeReact Native$85k – $115k
Posted 3 years ago

Company Introduction

At Matter, you'll be joining a passionate group of product oriented engineers working on a variety of projects and clients. Your role will be to work with new and established projects/codebases to support, maintain and continue to build out software, across a variety of applications and clients. Our clients range from mom and pop shops, and early stage entrepreneurs on one end to fortune 1000 and 500 companies on the other end.

Good communication is key to our work environment as many of our team members are remote, as well as collaboration with stakeholders and other engineers. Enhance your skills by working with a team that has a wealth of experience as former CTOs, VP of Engineers, Silicon Valley founders, and CPOs.

Matter Product Studio is a software product studio and we’re looking for creative and hungry developers looking to help establish our New York and Sunnyvale offices. We’re a dynamic team with deep backgrounds across product, engineering, and design. Our core focus is to work with founders and enterprises that need a partner, not just a “yes to everything” dev shop. We don’t build blindly and we don’t build feature bloated products. We fully believe in the power of practicing what we preach and have a Startup Studio where we’re constantly incubating and developing internal software products and ideas based on our proprietary playbook.

We’re looking for an experienced product manager and React Native engineer who wants to join our expanding team and help establish our new New York and Sunnyvale offices. You’ll have a chance to be a shaping force in our culture moving forward, and anchor our teams East Coast or West Coast presence.

Our team of 20+ industry veterans have built numerous startups and businesses before. We’re located across the US and Europe, with some digital nomad team members stationed around the world. We offer competitive salaries and benefits and are looking for someone who wants a dynamic range of projects and challenges with an organization that takes pride of ownership in all that we build.

Job description / What you'll be doing

  • Work as part of a small team to build React Native iOS / Android applications for Matter Product Studio’s clients.
  • Build, architect, and maintain React Native applications. Some of our clients are launching their first mobile product, others need support on existing applications, and we help guide their decisions and build through all aspects of the product and software development lifecycle; design, product, engineering.
  • Implement pixel perfect designs based on requirements from your design team members and client specifications.
  • Integrate third-party APIs and libraries as needed per project. Some of the more recent integrations we’ve implemented are Apple Sign In, Stripe,, as well as some custom API integrations.
  • Write unit and integration tests depending on the phase of development. If you don’t have experience with React Native testing, please still apply provided you’re open to learning!

Working with the Team

  • Work alongside your fellow team members. All projects have at minimum two engineers (often more), a dedicated QA resource, a product manager, a project manager, and designers (if needed). Additionally, when building a custom API backend, a backend engineer will be dedicated to the project.
  • Work in two week sprints cycles and participate in team huddles.
  • Assist product managers with ticket requirements when needed and with story point estimates.
  • Interface with team members via Slack and Zoom, and participate in client calls as needed.
  • Track your time on projects using a custom in-house project management tool (we built our own, because all the others didn’t quite work!)
  • Work with modern tools including Trello, Jira, Slack, GitHub, Google Docs/Sheets, etc.
  • Follow Matter’s development best practices including Git Flow methodology, code quality and review standards, PR and merge best practices.


  • 1+ years of professional experience working with React Native.
  • 4+ years of professional software development experience.
  • An understanding of React Native best practices and a commitment to following them.
  • Ability to think above just an engineering perspective and raise product concerns as you see them.
  • Take pride and ownership in our company and what we build.
  • Ability to effectively communicate via written and spoken English.
  • You work well within a team environment and enjoy working in the office with your colleagues. Headphones and focus time are ok too though!
  • You’re passionate about software development–it’s more than a career. You are always hacking away at some idea to scratch an itch or solve your own problem. You’re interested in learning, picking up new languages, and pushing those around you to continue to grow.
  • Ability to work 40 hours per week.
  • Ability to work in our offices 4 days a week.
  • Experience with popular React workflows (at least one of Flux, Redux, or Mobx)
  • Familiarity with integrating and working with RESTful APIs, as well as working with backend engineers to co-develop APIs based on best practices and the frontend application’s needs

  • Pluses (not required)

  • Experience working with Swift, Objective C, and/or Java, Kotlin.

  • Experience working on backend APIs (.NET, Rails, or another framework)

  • Experience with ReactJS web development

  • Experience with Mobx

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