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Events Travel

Full Time
Leiden, Netherlands   
Posted 25d ago

Want to work at Events Travel? Think of innovation, creativity, enthusiasm and passion!

Our team consist of a mix of junior frontenders to senior backenders. Together with our two product owners and scrummaster we form a solid team that works together on amazing projects. From an internal ecosystem within which all our processes can run to the development of a new product that will shake up the industry we work in. But we can no longer do this alone, which is why we are looking for an experienced front-end developer to strengthen our team. 

In the international events world, Events Travel is the link that brings consumers to their dream football, tennis or other sports or cultural event. Nothing is impossible but to remain as successful as we are now, our focus is on technical innovations. You become part of the team that is building a new product. In bi-weekly sprints we work towards our common goal; to be the very first company in the travel world that builds this product.

Of course you want to know what your days with us look like:

  • You work in an Agile environment. You work with juniors, mediors and seniors and in time you will be responsible for a number of juniors.
  • We work with two weekly sprints. In those two weeks there is of course time to discuss things with your team but also time to work on the real stuff!
  • Every day around 12.30 pm you have time to catch up on football, gaming or one of your other interests while enjoying the best lunch made by Janneke!
  • Whether you start at 7 a.m. or at 9.15 a.m. it doesn’t matter as long as you show up and join us every day with your company and mastermind!
  • You participate in Moker Monday. The last Monday of the sprint you can work on what's important to you.
  • Time left or fancy something else? In addition to the usual drinks and table football, we hold retrospectives to work even better with each other, but we also organize hackathons. Simply because it’s fun, but also because it creates sometimes ingenious ideas and inventions!

What we are looking for:

  • Minimum 3+ years of professional experience. But more importantly, you know what you are doing and you are self-managing.
  • Strong skills in React. Js, TypeScript, HTML, CSS and more. Experience with Sketch is an advantage.
  • You are able to translate “Architecture” into a solid code base where the medior and junior developers can start coding.
  • You understand the concept of teamwork. This is not only reflected in your work, but also in your communication skills
  • In addition to coding skills, you also have docker and implementation skills.

We work in an amazing office with 75 colleagues among the jungle of plants, mario kart rooms and table tennis tables. it doesn’t matter what times you work as long as you show up and rejoice us every day with your company! We ensure that you stay fit through our boot camps, massage sessions, and a delicious lunch that’s ready for you every day. But in the end that shouldn't be the reason why you want to work with us; At Events Travel you are part of a super ambitious and motivated group of young talents. So, if you’re excited you will join us at the right time!

Have a look at our photos, read our stories and then decide whether you want to be part of Events Travel. We are happy to tell you why we are happy every day!

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