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Senior Front-End Developer


Arc’s mission is to empower talent to do work that matters from anywhere. Arc is an all-in-one remote developer hiring platform, connecting great organizations with expert remote developers and engineering teams. A related service under Arc, Codementor, is the leading on-demand marketplace for software developers to get live online programming help.
The Arc team is distributed (covering 8 cities and 4 time zones), and we have offices in both Taipei and Silicon Valley. We’re backed by Techstars and 500 Startups, and have been featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, WSJ, Mashable, and more.

We’re looking for Senior Front-End Developers with a passion for building high-quality web applications. You’ll need to bring the best of design and programming together to drive the look and feel of the application. The major frameworks and libraries we used including React, Redux, and Next.js.

About You

    • You are passionate about delivering great user experiences through front-end technologies and tools.
    • You have a passion for mentoring and learning from other team members.
    • Ability to work remotely and effectively manage your time.
    • Excellent debugging and problem solving skills.
    • You thrive in a fast paced environment.
    • Excellent at writing technical documentation.


    • Expertise in building modular, reusable, flexible components and accessible interfaces. Especially with React.
    • Expertise in building user interfaces that are clean, interactive, reusable and performant.
    • Knowledge about most modern JavaScript language features.
    • Awareness of web accessibility.
    • Experience with CSS-in-JS solution. (styled-component, JSS)
    • Experience with JS build tools. (Babel, Webpack, Gulp, Rollup)
    • Experience with Javascript or React testing framework. (Jest and enzyme)
    • Experience building web applications having proper layers of abstraction, separation of concerns, reusable components, and container.

Bonus Experience

    • Experience with design-system.
    • Experience integrating with back-end APIs via GraphQL.
    • Experience with Ruby on Rails.
Please answer the questions on the next page for us to understand you as a front-end developer better. To give you a rough picture about what the answers might look like, here’s the question/answer from one of our recently joined colleague.

What do you think is the trickiest part about using React?(or any major framework/library you used)
The trickiest part of using React to develop is the best practice is changed rapidly. When the state management tool - Redux introduced, the concept of the container and presentational component is also defined and followed by the community as the best practice at that time. As time passes, the best practice has changed along with community discussion - the container component should not be defined against the route pages as when it was introduced but split to smaller ones match conceptual modules. As now, with the React Hooks API, the boundary between the container and presentational component becomes more blurry. Technology changes fast, and the best practice using the technology changes too. Understand how new approaches would benefit your project and adapting them is the trickiest part, in my opinion.

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