Front-End Engineer


Full Time
Buenos Aires, Argentina    Remote
Posted 1m ago
This position is open to remote applicants. HASH is seeking front-end engineers to build the web interface to our simulation platform. We are a tech startup in the midst of a marathon product build. We treat our people well, provide strong benefits (fully comprehensive healthcare, etc), and have tons of experience cultivating and growing successful teams.

We're currently in private beta and our product, HASH, is written to make strong use of many emerging web technologies, especially WebAssembly and WebWorkers, but also IndexedDB and the File API. Our front-end is written using TypeScript and React at tip, using modern conventions (hooks & functional components), and deployed as a single-page web app, hosted in S3.

We're looking for someone who has...

    • Strong (4+ years) experience programming in JavaScript (or one of its friends, like TypeScript)
    • Strong (4+ years) experience with modern web frameworks, especially React.
    • The ability to produce modern UI/UX for the web.
    • The ability to find and fix bugs and UI/UX issues in your own code.
    • The ability to communicate clearly and articulately in English, so that you can work effectively with a remote-first team.
Please include a resume and a cover letter expressing your interest in working with HASH.

We'll be looking for a track record of success building and/or designing web applications, evidence of your initiative in using modern web technologies, and an indication that your work aspires to "best practices".

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