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Lisbon, Portugal   
Posted 27d ago

Who are we?
Cloudoki is all about API-Centric Application Architecture and Development.
We build with, advise on, and train in API’s, back-end and front-end for web, mobile, and native applications, helping startups, scale-ups, SME's and the big boys.
We are an awesome team of tech savvy boys and girls who want to be the best at what we do. If you are awesome too, let’s meet!

What are we looking for?
Our teams are expanding everyday. A job opening for Cloudoki however, is to be compared with the Navy Seals. We are looking for a highly skilled professional with the ambition to lead in new Front-end technologies, eventually beyond ReactJS. We are on a constant look-out for new projects, to keep you excited. 
A Cloudoki developer is not just regarded as an employee, but as a future partner.
If these expectations don't frighten you, let's talk.


About you
As a mid-level or senior Frontend developer, you'll work directly with the lead FE and report to the Scrum Master. Depending on your seniority in the team, your tasks will go from improving existing features to implementing new ones, to brainstorm scalability and refactor options with the whole project team. 

Main requirements

  • Minimum 2 years of experience working with Javascript and React
  • Frontend Architecture knowledge
  • Unit testing
  • Application scalability
  • Continuous Integration & git flow
  • Problem solver
  • Speak, read and write in English
  • Be a team player 


  • Great technological environment
  • Easy going, flexible and familiar culture with a startup mentality
  • One work from home day per week
  • Dinosaur suits
  • All the coffee you can drink
  • A bar filled with Belgian beers
  • Very central office
  • We're just fun 

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