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Front End React Developer


Full TimeReact₹9L – ₹20LBangaloreIndia
Posted 4m ago

Resume and github mandatory!! Please don't apply without it - you will be rejected.

Office Location: CoWrks Residency Road, Bangalore, India (Full Time - No Remote Work)
Compensation: Rs. 9 Lakhs - Rs. 20 Lakhs per year (or as per market)

*Skills: *

  • Proficient with React and Redux, with minimum 1 year experience
  • You should know Javascript, ES6 and ESNext
  • Know how to integrate Babel and use Webpack
  • You should have worked with unit testing frameworks such as Mocha, Jest, Jasmine, or Ava
  • Have experience building pixel perfect UI with HTML5 and CSS, Sass is a plus
  • You should know how to use developer tools plugins for the browsers
  • Knowledge of Flow is a plus
  • Understanding of functional programming concepts is a big plus
  • Degree in Computer Science, or similar, preferred

About Unifize:

  • We build a cloud-based SaaS tool that helps these companies get visibility, accountability, and efficiency in their collaborative processes. We focus on manufacturing, engineering, and and supply chain companies.

Continue if:

  • You want to build a world-class Saas B2B communication product, using the latest tools, from scratch
  • You love to code 8+ hours a day and solve hard problems by building software you are proud of
  • You enjoy working with directly with amazing entrepreneurs
  • You are driven by the desire to learn
  • You like the pressure to perform because it makes you a better person
  • You are passionate about getting stuff done
  • You are passionate about making a tangible difference in the world
  • Passionate about writing elegant, functional efficient code


  • Hands-on coding of key components of the platform/tool
  • Develop, test and deploy user stories defined by the product manager
  • Work on tasks/code assigned to the technology team using Agile Methodology
  • Participate in the daily scrum and agile retrospective meetings/process
  • Be responsible for the functionality of output code
  • Ship and Iterate incredibly fast. We will focus on business validation and product-market fit first, which means we will throw out and later re-write code to get there faster

Recruitment stages:

  • Phone screen
  • Technical screen
  • In-person interview
  • Technical interview and take-home assignment
  • Review of assignment\
  • Offer

Why Unifize:

  • We are a funded startup based in Bangalore.
  • The two co-founders have been running companies in at least five countries over the past fifteen years, including deep experience in technology, operations and sales in engineering/manufacturing businesses.
  • Both attended universities that are consistently ranked in the Top 10 in the world.
  • We have a track record of raising capital and strong existing relationships with the finance community in both India, the US and the UK. We have funding for at least the next 24 months.
  • We have strong domain expertise in the industry they are trying to disrupt. However, we still followed the discipline of spending six months doing rigorous customer development spanning six countries before defining their product or writing a single line of code. We have already identified and are working with ten customers.
  • Since we are building a small, focused tech product team of about 10 people selling to the global market, we believe it is all the more important to invest in their people. We believe this is reflected in our decision to pay competitive salaries to their existing and future employees, and our choice to work out of WeWork Galaxy in Bangalore.
  • We have very high expectations from the candidates that we do select, especially in terms of first-principles thinking, communication and accountability. We will not select average candidates, and we want to encourage our employees to see Unifize as a learning ground for possibly starting their own technology businesses in the future.
  • We strongly believe in evidence-based decisions, transparency, corporate governance, meritocracy, and an open forum for discussion.
  • We explicitly want to build a team from different backgrounds and with a wide range of interests and experiences. We are committed to building a gender-balanced organisation.

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