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We are on a mission to make quality education affordable to everyone by helping schools increase their fundraising efficiency. 
We believe in
• Democratizing quality education: Quality education is a great equalizer. We are on a mission to make quality education affordable to everyone by helping schools increase their fundraising efficiency. We derive our inspiration from actions like this 
• Building a large profitable business: We envision building a capital-efficient, large profitable business to achieve our mission of democratizing quality education. This means less dependence on investors & more ownership with the team. We are one of the few profitable Indian SaaS startups building value SaaS
• Employee Wellness <> Customer Success: We give as much importance to each team member’s personal & professional success as much as we care about our customer's success. We believe it’s all about balance.

Our impact so far
• 2.1 Million constituents connected
• 420,000 students impacted
• 2 Million $ raised on our platform
• 42 Million engagement opportunities created
• 23 months since profitability
• All this could be achieved with a nimble team of 20(4 salespeople in USA and rest to the team in Bangalore)

While a single product was able to help us scale until this point, the company’s growth from here is based on multi-product strategy. The way we’re scaling our product team is in-line with the company’s strategy. After all, we’re big believers in Conway’s law. So each product will have its own team of PMs and engineers. All of these products are powered by some core services out of which some are built internally and some are third party products like

Think of these products as the three sources of revenue to the company. Your customers are the schools and university and you will build your product to solve problems faced by them.

Here are some examples of the projects in the different products.
• Server side rendering.
• Online tickets and guest management workflows.
• Online fundraising workflows.
• Work with ant design systems to build accessible react components.
• Progressive Image Rendering.
• Optimizing file chunk size to speed up the page load.

Within 1 month

    • Learn all aspects of our current product as part of your training.
    • Setup the dev environment and push your first small piece of code to production.
    • Have a one-one chat with every member of the Almabase team so you get to know everyone well.

Within 3 months

    • You’ll start developing your first feature all by yourself. (With some guidance)
    • Write your first set of unit test cases and work with the quality engineer to set up functional testing workflows.
    • Conduct your first review of a peer’s code.
    • Participate in several bug-bashes to get a deep understanding of all the new features we’re working on.

Within 6 months

    • You’ll launch at least couple of features to production.
    • You would have got a good grasp of Almabase Design System and you would be ready to contribute/suggest towards betterment of the same.
    • Be responsible for the planning, scoping, design, and implementation of new services.

Within 12 months

    • You’ll launch at least 3 to 4 features to production.
    • You would be now owning a lot of front end code and would be ready to mentor new resources for front end as well.
    • Participate in interviewing and hiring, as a way to influence team growth and how our values inform our culture.
    • Collaborate with engineering, product, sales and customer success leadership to define priorities and set delivery goals.


    • Strong proficiency in JavaScript, including DOM manipulation and the JavaScript object model
    • Thorough understanding of React.js and its core principles 
    • Strong knowledge of responsive designs
    • Familiarity with newer specifications of EcmaScript
    • Familiarity with RESTful APIs
    • Experience with common front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc.
    • A knack for benchmarking and optimization
    • Excellent verbal and written skills. The ability to explain sophisticated architectures to engineers, product managers, and support & operation executives. You should also be able to write a proposal for your idea/solutions and take feedback from the team.
    • Detail-oriented and helpful in identifying edge cases
    • Give equal importance to planning, coding, code reviews, documentation, and testing the quality of the software.
    • Highly motivated and coming up with fresh ideas and perspective to help us move towards our goals faster
    • Previous work experience at a product-based company or startup would be a bonus.

    • Personality traits we really admire 
    • Great attitude to ask questions, learn and suggest process improvements.
    • Pays great attention to detail and helps identify edge cases.
    • Gives equal importance to planning, coding, code reviews, documentation, and testing.
    • Highly motivated and coming up with fresh ideas and perspective to help us move towards our goals faster.
    • Follows release cycles and absolute commitment to deadlines.

    • Our tech stack is Django framework(python), ReactJS & Redux, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Gulp, Webpack.  Our platform is hosted on Azure Cloud. 


    • Coding Assessment (React JS): We build all our front end features in React JS and we would expect you to be a React JS Ninja. You would be thoroughly tested for your React JS knowledge and knowledge of React design patterns.
    • Problem Solving and Logical Reasoning: We would like to to assess your analytical skills as well as decision making skills. Also be prepared to face some fun puzzles during our interviews.
    • Culture Round: (Behavioural Assessment, Culture Fit, Project Knowledge, Role Operation): Be yourself. It works out better for everyone if we're genuine and can see if we're a cultural fit for each other. As each one of us is focused on our mission, understanding whether or not you share the same passion is pivotal to us as a team.
    • Founder Round: The last round with the founders is more of an opportunity for you to be yourself. This round helps us evaluate how we both can mutually benefit each other. 


    • Freedom & Responsibility: If you are a person who wants to take up challenging work & push your boundaries with no one monitoring you, then this is the right place for you. There are no hierarchies. No managers to please.
    • Great Salary & Equity: For our top performers and leaders, we grant stock options. As Almabase continues to grow, you’ll have a real opportunity to create wealth for yourself and your family. We pay great salaries too!
    • Holistic Growth: Building a career doesn’t have to be at the cost of missing out on your personal front. We believe that professional success is worth when the personal goals are nurtured with equal importance. We will support you all in on that journey of yours.
    • Transparency: If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be on an entrepreneurial journey, then working with Almabase gives you that opportunity to experience it all first hand.
    • Food & Snacks: You’ll never have to worry about your hunger pangs. We provide tasty home cooked food & snacks at all times of the day.
    • Health insurance: We offer health insurance for you & your dependents.
    • Unlimited leaves & Flexible work hours: There is no ceiling to the leaves or restraint to your working hours. Our only policy is that you use your good judgment
    • The comfort of home: On a tiring day, if you want to take a break on a bed or if you want to jog & take a shower at work or play your hearts our on PS4. You can do it all at Almabase. 
If all of this sounds exciting to you, join us for an exciting and equally fulfilling ride at Almabase!

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