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Front End Engineer


At Modal, we build the future of automotive retail, for some of the world's largest auto brands and retailers.  Modal's digital commerce platform allows global auto brands and dealers to delight their customers with transparent digital commerce, that fits into their own website and showroom experiences.

Modal is a team of elite technology and design experts, from some of the world's most respected companies: Google, Facebook, Tesla, Paypal, Accenture, and many more.  

Modal's investors, like Peter Thiel, Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures, and others, have started and backed some of the world's most impactful companies: Paypal, YouTube, Tesla, SpaceX, Square, Stripe, AirBnb, Cruise, and many more.

We're driven by data and design, and we think we can make a dent in the universe.  How about you?


    • Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve software
    • Manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables
    • Follow software engineering best practices and influence others to do the same

Minimum Qualifications

    • 5+ years experience developing front-end web applications 
    • Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React/Redux
    • Experience with HTTP/REST APIs


    • Experience with JWT-based authentication; e.g., with a system like Auth0
    • Designed and developed HTTP REST APIs using Node.js and SQL/No-SQL databases
    • Used AWS services like S3, CloudFront, EC2, ElastiCache, CloudWatch, RDS, ELB, Lambda etc.
    • Used git as a code repository
    • Used CI/CD for past projects
    • Experience building online software for the auto industry

Modal facts

1. At Modal, you will build technology that transforms the world's largest auto brands.
2. Modal's investors have started and backed some of the world's most transformative companies: Paypal, Tesla, Facebook, YouTube, Airbnb, Cruise, Square, Stripe, and many more.
3. At Modal, you'll solve a problem that everyone understands: the pain of car buying.
4. Modal sits at the intersection of a trillion-dollar combined market of mobility, fintech, and insurance, and over time will transform mobility as we know it.
5. Last year, Modal's business 3X'ed.  This year, Modal's business can 3X again based solely on already-signed revenue (and it's only the first month of this year).

Company culture

You can sum up Modal's company culture in two words: progressive, and focused.  Modal's culture is very progressive compared to most; engineers in particular are given near full autonomy to complete their projects, and Modal's flat structure means they have access to anyone, anytime, CEO included.  The reason Modal can afford to give engineers such autonomy, is because Modal's culture is also very focused on businesses metrics and performance. You may be an engineer, but after working at Modal you'll know as much as an MBA about business metrics.  What's more, you'll always know why you're working, because you'll be directly impacting those metrics.

Engineering culture

Modal's engineering team is defined by individual leadership, and talking pride in the craft of one's code.  Our team is led by our CTO, and all engineers are not only able but encouraged to interact directly with the CTO, and CEO.  We take pride in helping engineers become leaders, be it of teams or technology, and our goal for engineers is that they are able to take ownership over significant pieces of our solution. Engineering teams typically coordinate with fast, daily standup meetings. Pull requests are typically peer-reviewed, and we generally employ rigorous testing prior to production releases, due to the critical nature of our service and the global size of our customers.

Engineering challenges

At Modal, you will not invent the wheel, figuratively speaking.  You'll help build the entire moving vehicle.  To quote Peter Thiel, one of our investors, Modal is "complex coordination" of many different technologies, resulting in billions of dollars in transaction volume every year.

Like a moving vehicle, this type of technology requires a high level of design, performance, reliability, and availability. Every transaction we process (and we process many thousands every month) represent large amounts of revenue, and require world-class security and privacy.  It's no small undertaking, but it's incredibly exciting to know that your technology will create such a profound business and user experience impact.

Engineering project examples

1. Transact financing and lease approvals in real time for the largest banks in the world.
2. Integrate with a proprietary vehicle image database from a car brand.
3. Build a self-service portal for Modal auto merchants to access transaction data.
4. Spec and implement a vehicle analytics dashboard for a global auto brand.


Modal provides the highest level and quality of medical, dental, and vision benefits available, which is generally a Platinum level PPO. Modal offers many other benefits and perks, including: company-sponsored meals, a $200 monthly fitness stipend, flexible hours and work from home options, generous vacation, paid parental leave, company retreats and team outings, and professional development opportunities. Plus, our beautiful office is located in the heart of downtown San Francisco, 2 blocks from all major public transportation: SF Muni, BART, and the TransBay terminal.

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