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Frontend Software Engineer


Primary Mission

Partner with us to build the best technology and team for the real estate industry as we expand to over $15B in home sales in the next 18 months.

Scope of Responsibility

The majority of your time will be spent iterating on and evolving our existing web-based frontend systems with a roughly 80/10/10 split between hands-on engineering work, ux/product planning, and architectural planning.

Our Stack (Today)

- Frontend: React/Redux JavaScript web app(s);
- Backend: ~30 containerized Node.js microservices communicating synchronously via HTTP and asynchronously using Pub/Sub as a centralized messaging bus (don't worry, local-dev is a single command to run it all on your laptop);
- Persistence: Whatever the appropriate store happens to be for the task at hand -- today that largely means Postgres, Redis, GCS, BigQuery, etc ... we focus on hiding persistence as a detail in our systems and optimize for managed services where possible to focus on business-facing value;
- Infrastructure: Kubernetes (GKE -- no present appetite for managing K8s at the bare metal), Helm, Terraform;
- Cloud: Single cloud environment with mirrored staging and production environments in Google Cloud Platform.

Who You Are

- A systems thinker: You understand that software is a complex system where nothing happens in a vacuum -- it's not enough to be customer-focused and you know ripple effects of decisions made in distributed environments always compound.
- A multiplier: You are an accelerant, not a deterrent. Our engineering team of five is already flying. We're looking for another top-flight engineer to run alongside us to exponentiate our output.
- Trustworthy: Trust is thrown around a lot but we believe a foundation of trust is everything on a team and you can’t go really fast without it. Your addition only grows the team’s trust and -- as a result -- you grow with it.
- A talent magnet: With your addition, our engineering team becomes that much stronger as a talent accretion mechanism in the Bay Area. Ideally you have someone great from elsewhere in the stack already in-mind to work alongside.
- Obsessed with quality: We are a premium product which means our customers have very high expectations. Because those expectations start with our code, we believe in moving fast and NOT breaking things. Each day millions of dollars in property value is listed exclusively on Aalto. We want to grow that number to billions ( with a "B"). Our entire tech stack respects the gravity of that number and how important those homes are to their owners in real life.
- Results-driven: We believe form follows function. The products we build always deliver user-facing value, not just theoretical engineering ideals.
- Always learning: Our team has a variety of experience and we hold each other accountable to constantly learn and grow; we’re humbled by the growth and popularity of Aalto and we work hard to keep our skills and product ahead of customer expectations.
- Action-oriented: You would rather learn from building things than ideating indefinitely.
- Real: Motivated by a down-to-earth, professional environment more than ZOMG!!11 amazing snacks and ping-pong tables.

Ideal Candidate

- 8+ years (or equivalent) relevant web frontend engineering experience at product-driven companies with some technical leadership
- 4+ years (or equivalent) relevant React.js experience
- Strong HTML and CSS fundamentals
- Nuanced understanding of HTTP as a protocol and the tenets of representational state transfer
- Facility with modern frontend compilation/build tooling
- Robust open-source contribution history
- Extensive hands-on Node.js (and associated ecosystem) experience a major plus
Aalto is the private real estate market where sellers retain privacy and buyers discover exclusive homes for sale. The best agents, across brokerages use Aalto to elevate the home selling experience for their clients. Sophisticated homeowners are increasingly choosing to sell privately with Aalto because it brings the relief of privacy. It is the only way to sell your home for top dollar without exposing your life for all to see. 

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