Full Stack React Native


About SquashSkills
SquashSkills was created with the goal of giving everyone access to high-quality squash coaching, regardless of their standard or geographic location. It was co-founded by Jethro Binns (former Welsh Champion), and Peter Nicol (former World Number One). 

SquashSkills provides squash video content and training tools to a wide range of users, including individuals looking to up their game, coaches and professional players. 

We’ve had great success so far… we have thousands of paying users, a globally recognised brand (within squash!), thousands of hours of high quality content, videos featuring 4 different world number ones… but we’re ready to take things up another level.

We’re about to bring all software development in house, release a mobile app, and overhaul the existing website. Step one is the mobile app… this is where you come in.

The Job:
We’re looking for someone to join our team and build us our first mobile app. The app is for players to take onto the squash court to help them train. Think Nike Training Club, but for squash.

You’ll be building the app and backend from scratch, taking day to day responsibility for all technical aspects of the app, including the production environment.

Who you’ll be working with
All our UI/UX design is done by a highly accomplished freelancer (and friend of SquashSkills), he’s great and has worked on the likes of Bulb’s and Habito’s apps. 

Our product lead works part-time, and is also a very experienced startup CTO. This is who you’ll report to on anything technical, and is the person who will give you any support you need.

There are 5 full-time members of our small team, including Jethro, the founder and CEO. 

Looking to the future
Right now our priority is building and shipping a mobile app (high fidelity mockups of our MVP are already good to go!), however we have big plans for SquashSkills and would love whoever joins our team in this role to be at the centre of that.

Over the next few years we will be building out our tech team, bringing responsibility for all software development in house, updating our stack and rebuilding our web app from the ground up. As the team gets bigger  we’ll need a full-time CTO and/or lead developer. If you have aspirations to take on these kinds of roles we’d love to help you fulfil them.

What’s expected & how we work
As the first full-time member of our in house tech team you’ll have a lot of freedom in defining our processes (but we all know that with great freedom  comes great responsibility!)

We fully expect modern software development practices, some kind of agile methodology being used, building and releasing being super easy, good documentation, great test coverage etc. etc. etc. But… we don’t mind how/what/which. This is your opportunity to take the lead on defining all that stuff.

This includes defining pretty much all of our backend stack. It’s important to us that we use technology that is mainstream enough that we can hire more people with the requisite skills, and stable enough to run in production environments. Beyond that we’re open.

Qualities we're looking for
In summary we want a great, personable software developer, optionally with the drive and desire to become lead developer or CTO.

To us that means you’ll have qualities like…

  • great attention to detail - always sniffing out that last edge case
  • pride in your work - desire to ship clean, bug free code that’s easy for others to work with
  • see the big picture - willingness and desire to understand the business as a whole, and using that knowledge to make the best decisions for the business as a whole
  • ego free - code is owned jointly
  • great communicator - especially when discussing technical concepts with non-technical people
  • team player - we’re a small team, we need you to be willing to get stuck in on anything when the need arises
  • Bonus: Love of squash!


  • Experience building React Native iOS apps.
    • Ideally we’d like you to have 2 or 3 years experience doing this specifically, but we also know that experience != quality. If you believe you have the skills to hit the ground running then don’t let this hold you back.
    • Also, it’s fine if you need to pick up Android on the job, as that app will come second.
  • Experience building the backend for a mobile app.
    • Hopefully you saw this coming!

If you’ve taken full, start-to-finish, responsibility for a mobile app of this scale before, that’s great. We’d love someone with that experience. If you haven’t but you feel ready and confident in taking the step up that’s fine too. We love people that want to stretch themselves.

Work schedule
Our work schedule is flexible, however most of us are in our Bristol office between 8am and 5pm everyday, with the exception of Friday when we take the afternoon off. We don’t expect to have daily status updates, but rather have a weekly planning meeting. We’re warm, kind people that love to communicate and share our values day to day. 


  • Competitive salary
  • Working side by side with our wonderful team
  • A MacBook Pro
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones (to help you stay in that sweet flow state)
  • Free Squash advice!

What are the next steps?
Apply with your CV (LinkedIn link is fine!), a link to a React Native iOS app you were involved in making, and a description of what your responsibilities were. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Steps from there are:
Step 1: Culture-fit interview
Step 2: Take home coding challenge (don’t worry, it’s not too big!)
Step 3: Technical interview
Step 4: Final evaluation 
Step 5: Job offer!!!!

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