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Barcelona, Spain   
Posted 29d ago
At Baku Creativitat we are looking for two web developers, a Front-End profile and a Back-End profile, to build a new team that will be in charge of a new Software development project in partnership with international companies in the area of entertainment and activity scheduling for cruise and hospitality.

You will work, from Terrassa (Barcelona), with our partners’ technical team in Miami. You will be exposed to all areas of the project, from systems architecture to development, installation and maintenance on the cloud and on-premise. The project uses Web technologies, so you will work on Front-End and Back-End, Databases, integration with other systems and making sure the Software runs flawlessly in the cloud and onboard ships sailing the world.

We are looking for candidates that are familiar with technologies suitable for web development, but above all that are willing to learn and experiment with new ones. A fundamental part of our job is gathering requirements from our customers and adapting to changes, so we are looking for candidates with self-motivation and great communication skills.

– Front-end
The stack includes JavaScript/TypeScript, React, HTML and CSS. You will work on the Front-End, writing tests, integrating with APIs and making sure that the Software runs flawlessly in the cloud and onboard ships sailing the world.

These are some of the things you would do during a regular day with us:

- Develop a new component in React from a mockup from the design team.
- Integrate with a new REST endpoint on the server.
- Communicate with our partners and gather requirements
- Collaborate in the architecture and design process.
- Write code, tests and documentation.
- Write unit tests for a new program functionality.
- Solve bugs and find performance bottlenecks.
- Be part of the software deployment and maintenance.
- Discuss a new program feature with the Product team.
- Teleconferencing with the team in USA to discuss your daily tasks.

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