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Full-Stack Engineer


The Technology

As a full-stack engineer at Quorso, we believe having the following technology traits will set you up to be successful here:

  • Comfortable with a Unix-like environment. All of our servers run a flavour of Linux. We occasionally SSH into our environments to modify system settings and our CI setup runs linters that listen for exit codes. If none of the above sounds strange or daunting, then you shouldn't have too much of a problem getting up and running with our team in no time!

  • Practical experience building, high-quality web-based software using a dynamic programming language like Ruby or Python. If you've worked for a startup, large company or anything in-between and have practical experience in delivering high-quality software to end-users for at least two years, then we would love to speak with you. We use Ruby as our go-to language unless the solution requires otherwise, so a desire to get up to speed quickly with Ruby is a must.

  • Practical knowledge of databases. You've written SQL to extract data from databases. You understand why it's sometimes useful to reach for raw SQL instead of an abstracted ORM.

  • You understand why testing applications is important. You're perfectly comfortable writing code which is well-tested. You understand the concepts used in most test suites, such as assertion, setup, teardown, dependency injection, and can reach for them to build easy-to understand and well-tested code.

  • You've used at least one major JavaScript framework and are comfortable writing code for the front-end. You embrace the event-driven asynchronous nature of the web, you understand the DOM tree, you have an opinion on an ideal way to manage complex states (we use React + Redux for this), and you can appreciate the usefulness of componentising re-usable parts of the front-end.

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