Senior Full Stack Software Engineer


We're looking for a strong, full-stack React Native web/mobile developer to take on some of the toughest challenges facing the blue-collar industry. You’ll be joining a small engineering team with the opportunity to take ownership of large slices of our technology stack. We have work in a wide range of areas - from complex data processing to modern, interactive web frontends - and want people who are excited about learning new technologies and passionate about transforming an antiquated industry. We’re also in a sweet spot for ambitious and talented engineers, since we have traction and are well-financed, but still have a very small team responsible for a wide range of work.

What we use
- MongoDB for data storage
- ElasticSearch for search/indexing
- React Native
- Redux
- WebRTC
- Hosting and deployment on AWS, Kubernetes.
- Numerous workflow tools: GitHub, CircleCI, Trello, Firebase, Fastlane, Instabug, etc.
What you'll need
- Passion for efficiency! What can one line of code do?
-1+ years in a lead setting, mentoring junior engineers.
-4+ years software development
-2+ years mobile app development – React Native
- Server-side/Middleware (REST API services, GraphQL, microservices)
- Proficiency with client-side technologies: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, webapp.
- Native Applications (iOS, Android)
- Understanding of Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, and how to deploy.
-Knowledge and experience adhering to software development life cycle best practices including test driven development (TDD), unit testing discipline, agile development and CI/CD strategies.
- Interest in entire product design and development process
What we’d like
- Creativity and the vision to implement it.
- Passion for mentorship and an entrepreneurial spirit.
- Interest in dirty industries that are being overlooked by the tech industry.
- Past experience at a large corporation and frustration with career potential.
- Someone who wants ownership and equity.
- Must be able to work on-site in Brooklyn New York office.

Responsibilities include:
* Maintain and expand app
* Drive product roadmap
* Develop new features and functionality
* Scale product to meet consumer demand
* Help grow the team
* Expand your role

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